Saturday, 10 September 2016

It's Great To Be Back!

3 September 2016

It’s great to be back at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp! Everything is looking so lush and green and full of life. And the animals seem to be taking advantage of the abundance of food as there are zebra foals and buffalo calves on the ground – so sweet!

We’re is the midst of planning the Mugie Triathlon – it’s crunch time and we’re figuring out the logistics of transition areas, water stops, confirming race entries, and finalizing the route. It should be a very fun event and a great adventure with team and individual races of 500-meter swim across the Mugie Dam, 20km mountain bike and 5k run across the open planes (there is still space to register) and a short kids’ race.

Last night as we were driving sections of the bike route we had the most magical encounter with a herd of elephants. A beautiful ruby red, magenta pink, and sherbet orange sunset sends streaks of light across the western horizon as we drive up on the elephants – a herd of mothers and calves and one young male. We turn off the engine and sit motionless, not wanting to alarm them, as they wander closer, munching on the chest high acacia trees. Their trunks wrapping around each thorny branch and tucking it back into their mouths, moving slowly and methodically but with each step hinting at a profound and unwavering strength. The young male abandons his evening meal and approaches us to investigate. He draws closer, almost too close for comfort, and raises his trunk high in the air to get a good whiff. He steps within a few meters of the car, we stay stock-still, mesmerized by this massive animal emanating such power and yet examining us with such peacefulness. With no show of threat or aggression, just motivated by curiosity, decides we’re not a threat, and goes back to his acacia. It feels like a warm-welcome back to Mugie, such a special ‘greeting’ by my favorite animal. I couldn’t be happier to be back here in such a wonderful corner of the world.

Written by Lizzie 

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