Activities included whilst staying at Ekorian Mugie camp are day and night game drives, Kayaking on the dam, guided walks, fly camping, bush meals, day to day cattle ranch activities, fishing, walking with blood hounds on their daily exercises and visits to Samburu (Thursdays) and Pokot (Mondays) markets.

Being in the heart of the Mugie Sanctuary brings days full off activities and excitement! From the comfort and safety of camp one can enjoy frequent sightings of animals including elephant, giraffe, buffalo and more. The evenings also bring excitement in the form for 4 different owls in the camp as well as bush babies, lions roaring and hyenas laughing!

Optional extras include camel rides and golf (prior arrangement). This is one of Kenya’s most northern golf courses designed by Kenya’s most famous golf course designer.  The course is set amongst a grove of olive trees and with it’s two-tier greens, the course would challenge even an experienced golfer.  The golf course is conveniently fenced in from wildlife so that guests can enjoy a jog or a gentle stroll around the 3.5 km track and enjoy the views.


Mugie Sanctuary has to be one of the best kept secrets in Laikipia for its amazing game viewing, we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy this wildlife on a nearly exclusive basis. The game has over the years become accustomed to vehicles approaching, in this "wildlife only" zone on the working cattle ranch, making excellent
opportunities for prime wildlife observations.  

We have three game viewing vehicles for our guests to enjoy the fauna and flora of Mugie. A few of the species we see regularly are Elephant, Buffalo, Reticulated Giraffe, Burchels Zebra, Grevy Zebra, Eland, Impala, Grants gazelle, Jacksons hartebeest, Oryx, Warthog, Spotted and Striped Hyena and Bat-eared foxs.

The lion population of 35 to 40 animals includes two prides with individuals collared by the Laikipia Predator Project so we can track either to demonstrate their on-going research and conservation work. There are a good number of Cheetah and the elusive Leopard, known better from seeing their tracks than regular sightings.


Mugie has great bird life, to date Ekorians bird count is over 200 species with some great migrants passing through in the months of November through to March/April.  The massive Mugie dam attracts increasing numbers of waterbirds. Right In the Ekorians Mugie Camp grounds we often see a great variety of birds including four different Owls species.


The Mugie dam has a surface area of 156 acres which gives us a great opportunity to enjoy a special "game drive" from a different angle - our Kayaks. The dam has no Hippos or Crocodiles so is also safe for swimming.

All our Kayaks are very user friendly and very stable for anyone to be able to enjoy this activity.  One can often see game coming to the water during the heat of the day and in the drier seasons we quite regularly see Elephant also enjoying a good swim.  An early morning or late afternoon kayak is very peaceful as you soak in the sights, sounds and smells from  water level. Catfish, Tilapia and some  Black Bass provide enjoyable fishing.

Mugie Ranch

Mugie Sanctuary occupies more than half of Mugie Ranch, a working cattle ranch. For guests with an interest in livestock management, visits with a ranch supervisor to the scheduled work of the day, can be made.

These are incredible dogs to watch as they work, Mugie Ranch has four dogs, used for tracking purposes on the ranch and neighbouring environs when required, most commonly for missing livestock.

We take our guests to visit the dogs at their kennel and have a short demonstration of their skills.  This is alway an activity enjoyed by children as they try to outwit these very intelligent dogs.


Mugie Ranch has well kept golf course on the north western corner, up on top of the escarpment with amazing views.  The course has six beautiful greens and eighteen tee boxes each one nestled amongst a succulent garden.

The course is fenced off from wild life to maintain the greens and gardens around the course.  A player can enjoy a short game of six holes or spend a nice morning there ending with a picnic lunch next to the final green.

Bush Meals

There are some great sites around Mugie for a hearty bush breakfast after an early game drive or guided walk on the great wide open plains.

There are some beautiful valleys on the western part of the ranch ideal for a full mornings walk and what better than to end this with a refreshing lunch under a shady Acacia or Olive tree. Walking allows for appreciation of the detail in the bush, so often missed when vehicle bound.

Community & Culture


Visits to the nearby Samburu or Pokot villages of either Suguta Marma or Loinyek, will give insight to the traditional ways of life here; while Mugie School highlights the valued opportunity of formal education.

Optional Extras

The following packages are not included in the standard Ekorians Mugie Camp activities but arrangements can be made by special request to the management.

Camel Trek & Horse Riding  Safaris

These are incredible experiences for the more seasoned horse riders or walking safari enthusiasts, who want to spend two to three days out in the bush fly-camping under starry skies, between Ekorians Mugie Camp and "neighbouring" safari destinations in the Laikipia scale of things.

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