Monday, 18 August 2014

High Season Is Here!

With High season in Kenya and comes some high end game spotting!

The Mugie sanctuary is green and lush and the game is making the most of it.

diary_aug_cheetah.jpg  diary_aug_giraffe.jpg

Just to mention a few, we have spent the days watching lions hunting and munching, bat eared foxes on the prowl, porcupines as they scurried toward their holes at dusk, cheetahs prowling, and for me, probably the most exciting of all – a giraffe having her baby!

It was a case of being in the right place at the right time. And especially lucky for our car full of guests that got to see it as well! The mother was obviously struggling with the birth as she had the calf only about half way delivered for the whole time we watched her. She was trying not to hold up her herd so kept with them when they moved forward. Not wanting to further disturb her, we decided to leave them and come back at another time. When we found her the next morning she had successfully delivered the male giraffe, and managed to stay with her herd. We have checked on them regularly and when last seen, he was healthy and rambunctious. which was great to see.

We have been making the most of our new sundowner spot too.  With a bomb fire surrounded by panoramic views, G&T in hand what a great way to finish a day on an African safari.