Monday, 7 December 2015

Top Ten Things To Pack For Your Safari

Top ten things to pack for your safari:

1.     A hat – the equatorial sun is strong! So make sure to bring a hat to protect your face
2.     Sun-cream – Along the same lines, bring sun-cream to prevent sun-burn
3.     Bug spray – we don’t have many mosquitos at camp but it’s a good idea to bring bug spray to keep any bugs away
4.     Light layers – pack and wear light layers to accommodate varying temperatures, preferably in neutral/earth tone colors
5.     A camera – be sure to bring your camera, with extra batteries and memory cards, to capture your safari
6.     Comfortable shoes – it’s a good idea to pack comfortable, sturdy walking shoes
7.     Sandals – for the warm afternoons, walking around camp, and making your way to the swimming pool
8.     Swimming costume – on the note of the swimming pool, be sure to bring your swimming costume/swim suit
9.     A jacket – pack a rain jacket/wind breaker for the odd rain shower and/or a warmer coat for the evenings, as it can get chilly

10.  Your sense of adventure – be prepared for a wonderful experience and come ready for adventure

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