Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Why I Love Kenya!

Written By Lizzie Odegaard

It’s very fitting that this month’s theme is “Why I Love Kenya” as my return to Kenya has reminded me not only that I love it here, but why. I couldn’t wait to come up to camp again, anxious to move from the confines of crowded Nairobi to the wide-open expanses of Laikipia. It was such a joy to see Josh, Donna, and Kiara again, and meet their newest family member, Maia.

ekorian_camp_diary_entry_may01.jpg  ekorian_camp_diary_entry_may02.jpg

There have been a few changes at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp from a year ago when I was here. The path now winds behind the tents, giving guests a lovely walk along a murum path and past beautiful, now established, aloe beds. And at night the path is lined with solar lanterns, lighting up the way.  On most nights I saw our resident waterbuck on the path in front of me! The bush babies have now made themselves at home in the roof of the mess tent, they’re cute and endlessly entertaining.

ekorian_camp_diary_entry_may03.jpg  ekorian_camp_diary_entry_may04.jpg

It was lovely to sit around a roaring fire, that hasn’t changed! But there is truly nothing like the African night sky – the bright stars seem to stretch on for miles. Maia’s blessing was moving,  and such a wonderful chance to catch up with everyone! Kayaking on the dam was as fun as before but now that the island has been mown and a shelter has been built, it is better than ever. We kayaked to the island, fished, had drinks and bitings, and kayaked back!

ekorian_camp_diary_entry_may05.jpg  ekorian_camp_diary_entry_may06.jpg

The pride of lions has also grown since I was last here. The cubs still act like cubs, playing silly games with each other.  As the building of camp is long since over the herds of elephant, zebra, giraffe, impala, waterbuck and buffalo, to name a few, are coming right near to camp, which made game viewing from my tent veranda even more rewarding.

ekorian_camp_diary_entry_may07.jpg  ekorian_camp_diary_entry_may08.jpg

I met Tala the baby giraffe at Mugie as well. She’s four months old and has grown heaps since she was rescued as an orphan by a goat herder when she was just a few days old. She is so friendly, and really likes having her  neck scratched. She gets fed a liter of milk three times a day, and sleeps in her own, custom made pen for shelter and protection at night. During the day Tala roams around Mugie, browsing to her heart’s content – she especially seems to like young Acacia trees, and Margaret, her own askari, is never far behind. It’ll come as no surprise that she has easily found her way into the hearts of everyone at Mugie.

It’s such a priviledge to be back at camp and seeall the constant reminders of why I love it at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp and in Kenya.

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