Friday, 7 March 2014

February: Safari, Wildlife, Golf and a splash of rain

The days turn into weeks and weeks into month, where do the months seem to go??

And its been another great month full of Ekorian adventures. We have had a mix of all sorts of interesting people staying with many different interests from Doctors, to Golfers, Farmers, Engineers, and Journalists.

The wildlife has been incredible with some super sightings; We had an amazing morning watching the lions taking on a bull buffalo, watch video below

Many more great cheetah sightings, and the large Mugie dam has be a greatmagnate to all the wildlife. Elephants are always such a treat to see while they swim and wallow around the dam. With February and March being such dry months it’s a great time of year to watch this special spectacle!

Most of us can easily google over baby animals for hours, and we have spent time watching a few new little people join the vast Mugie animal family. One particularly special scene was a tiny Elephant only a few days old, still wobberly on his legs, we watched as his little family help him get over a ditch and across the road. The way these animals make constant contact with each other is very special and heart warming.

With the grass drying up and the winds picking up during the heat of the day we decided a good fire break around Ekorian was in order so with thanks to Mugie ranch and their team consisting of a tractor and harrow as well as a fire fighting team and the Ekorian crew we cut and cleared several tracks around the camp to then burn the grass between to two lines. This has work out very well, although not very pretty to start withwe were lucky enough to have an inch of rain shortly after which got the green shoots coming though, these are now being enjoyed by our resident Impala, Buffalo and Waterbuck.

diary_lion.jpg diary_giraffe.jpg


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