Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January: Hot Cloudless Days, Chilly Starry nights and Elephants Practicing their Tumble Turns

jan01.jpgWe have been having typical Laikpia weather this month with cloudless skies, the nights have been frosty and the days sweltering. Most mornings we have had a heavy mist set over camp just before the sun comes up and quickly drives it away.
Tea delivered to your tent, with a cheery smile is a great way to start the morning while we wait for the animals to come out of their warm hiding places to find a good spot to soak up the morning rays!

With the dry weather the Elephants have been making the most of the Dam, coming down regularly for their swim. You just can’t get enough of this incrediblesight.

jan02.jpg    jan03.jpg

One evening we came across an elephant swimming over to the island for his evening sundowners of cherry tomatoes and sweet green grass, he was having such a great time getting there bobbing up and down in the water, for some time all we could see of him was the tip of his trunk before he came splashing up to do a complete tumble turn with his legs up! Not the most elegant style but lots of fun!

More great sightings of the eastern lion pride, with the new little family who joined the pride late last year, what fun it is to watch the family dynamics. The older cubs are certainly not going to let the new little guys get away with much. No spoilt brats around here and they certainly do their side of the family discipline.


We have been seeing a new group of five lionesses with a young male roaming around which is great, maybe they will join up with the main pride which would make it a pretty large group of hungry cats! Poor Zebra!!


Back in camp the Bush Babies have discovered the tasty bugs that come out in the Mess bathroom when the lights are on at night.  Cheeky things don’t mind checking on you while you are there!


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