Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ekorian's Mugie Camp Top 25 Highlights

No 25: Last light in camp

No 24: Tusker time!

No. 23: Hole in 1?

No. 22: Sundowners

N0. 21: 1-2-3 take off………

No. 20: Freshen up

No. 19: Time out

No. 18: Miles and Miles of Africa

No 17: Who’s watching who??!

No. 16: Trouble? Not us…

No. 15: Swapping raincoats for sun hats!

No. 14: Who’s the hunter?

No. 13: You can run, but you can’t hide!

No. 12: Mugielove…

No. 11: A king is born!

No. 10: Flying High at Mugie School

No. 9: Comparing safari notes

No. 8: Exploring the endless skies of the Laikipia Plateau

No. 7: Ok, I know I am a wingnut

No. 6: Checking out the view

No. 5: Fun in the pool!

No. 4: Cuteness!

No. 3: I’m watching you!

No. 2: Lions Mating

No. 1: Ekorian’s Mugie camp at Dusk

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